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I hope to help you focus and inspire you to dig deep into God's Word! !

Let's Read the Bible Subscription

Sarah Frazer
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Each month you will receive:

  1. The Bible study/reading guide workbook (value of $25)

  2. Video tutorial on how to use the study (value of $25)

  3. Introduction to the book of the Bible for the month (value of $50)

  4. One teaching from the book of the Bible (value of $50)


The subscription is just a fraction of that cost. For just $25 a month you get all of that PLUS the bonus of my Bible Study Bundle (worth $75) with over 100 pages of resources!

Here is what other's are saying:

"The Bible Reading and Study Guide plan is a great resource for my daily Bible studies.  The "Background" section gives me an inside look at the letter before I dive into reading the book.  The "Outline" section also helps me prepare as I read each chapter.  What I love the most, however, are the "In-Depth Bible Study Questions".  They keep my focus as I read and study God's Word and help me "dig deeper" into what He is teaching me." - Beth P.

"I have to say that I loved this study! The layout was easy to understand, easy to follow and very well put together. I would definitely do another study like this. The verses fit well, not out of context, which is usually by biggest complaint of some studies. I really appreciated that. Thank you for a great study.the questions were fantastic!! I love how you left them open to what the Bible says, not man. The deeper questions were my favorite part." - Becky S.

"Thank you so much for your fantastic Bible study, I love the study." J.C.

"Sarah's Bible reading and study guides are great because it gives me a starting point when I cannot seem to get started. One thing I love about it was, and is, is the guide helps me dig deeper without feeling lost." - Karen D.

"I love this study guide! I love how it has important verses so that way if I’m in a rush when reading a book of the Bible I can just read over the important verses to get a feel for what it’s about. I have always been a Christian, but I am new to actually studying the Bible, so I love how it has step-by-step instructions on how to ACTUALLY study the Bible. Every other “Bible study” I’ve downloaded basically just lists texts to read. This has questions to answer, prayers, reflections, it has it all!" Karmin B.

"I am really looking forward to digging into the book of Philippians as we begin the new year. I am also looking forward to a new way of studying the Bible. I always like to find new ways so that I don't get bored." Keren B.

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