A Four Month Bible Study Journal

Sarah Frazer
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  • Do wish you had all of your Bible study notes in one place? 
  • Do you want to keep all of your prayer requests, sermon notes, and daily Bible study material all in one book? 
  • Are you looking for a fresh new start to your Bible study routine?
  • Do you lack FOCUS when it comes to Bible study?

Look no further! I have the perfect tool for your Bible study habit! The Four Month Bible Study Journal contains pages for: 

  • Sermon notes 
  • Weekly Prayer request
  • Five days of devotional 

(see the sample pages above by clicking the arrow on the right) 

This journal is over 160 pages and can used for entire four months! Keep your weekly sermon notes, prayer requests, and devotional thoughts all in one place! 

Keep focused and consistent! 

No matter what you are studying or reading - this journal can be used for ANY Bible study you are doing. Whether you are in a group or individual, this amazing resource comes packed with "extras" to keep your heart inspired and provide a great tool for deep-rooted Bible study. 

In addition to the journal, you will receive these amazing bonuses

  • Additional Prayer Sheets
  • 5 Steps Start Your Bible Study Habit
  • 10 Verses to Cultivate a Prayer Life
  • Finding the Best Challenge Worksheet
  • Four Ways to Study the Bible Workbook 
  • 10 Truths for Moms 
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group that provides encouragement to help you DIG DEEP into God's word!

All of this is worth over $100!!! 
You can get these bonuses and the journal for just $12.

**This is for a digital product. You will get all of your files delivered to your inbox. If you do NOT receive your files, please send me an email at Sarah@sarahefrazer.com.**

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